Home Ed Under Attack in Wales…

Barely into 2018 and already I am seeing RED. With this complete non-sense…

Parents home educating their children in Wales will have to join a register

To be clear….

This all sounds simple…wonderful. I mean who does NOT want to protect little humans from abuse…neglect…and certainly death like in this article? How can anyone be so heartless as to object to such a thing?

Call me heartless then. But the truth is that this is nothing more than a political switch and bait. A dangerous precedent. And a VERY slippery slope to Big Brother in not just the homes of home educators…but ALL parents who do not adhere to their strict narrow definition of ‘normal’.

  • Your child’s hair is too long…you must be neglectful.
  • She won’t eat but a very narrow and restricted diet…you must be a bad parent.
  • He can’t sit still in class, won’t pay attention…he MUST be placed on mind-altering drugs…for his own good. And if you the parent don’t want your little human stoned out of his gourd all the time…well, Big Brother knows better than you.

And we will be the first they come for…


Because of course if you don’t follow the national curriculum…you don’t have workbooks…or lesson plans…and spend all your days in the park…what could little humans possibly learn that way?

Judge for yourself!

With PanKwake’s permission, I am posting a video from our early adventures in #RadiCoolUnschooling. Back then we spent most all sunny days in the parks of North London.

She learned so much then…

  • How to share…take turns…handle bullies…
  • She got loads and loads of proprioceptive input through running, jumping, and climbing…
  • She learned about not just ducks…but dogs and plants as well…

Some days we spent seven or eight hours in the parks…a whole ‘school day’. We met so many people…of all ages, races, and religions.

Well, see for yourself…is this ‘education’?


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