What Is Education? Pt. 3

Rather than re-write WHY a register is not a good idea…I thought I would share this piece that I wrote back in November….


OK…so schools and the education system are failing our little humans. They have been since the days of ancient Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. So what is your point?

Don’t you think home educated little humans at least deserve some protection? What about those stories about the ones who were murdered or starved…and no one even knew? What about the ones who just play all day and never learn anything? Don’t we as a society have an obligation to them? Shouldn’t we do something?

There are a lot of propaganda, yellow journalism, and outright lies in there. Yes, there have been a handful of cases where supposedly home educated children were harmed. But the truth was…those children were missing education, not home educated. There are just as many or more instances where GPs and schools failed in their duty to report that resulted in death. No one is calling for stricter…

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