100 Days of #RadiCoolUnschooling – Day 14

So the BIG news is…

We survived an EARTHQUAKE!


In Swansea, Wales?

PanKwake was born in Los Angeles, California. I lived there for seven years. And I never felt an earthquake before yesterday.

There had been one while I was there…about the same magnitude as this one. But I was riding in a car. Despite the Hollywood portrayal, if you are driving, i.e. in motion, you don’t feel a thing. So the only earthquake in seven years I lived in LA and I missed out.

But not the one yesterday.

I had been cleaning up after the natural disaster that is one of PanKwake’s parties. I was lying down for a nap. PanKwake was in her bed because she is not feeling well. And then suddenly the whole house shook. It felt like someone had driven down the hill out front and straight into the house. More of an impact that a roll.

Cookie Monster came running in…Did you feel that? I looked out the window to see what the impact had been…nothing. Then he checked BGS (British Geological Survey). The first time it showed nothing. But when he checked again five minutes later…sure enough…earthquake.

Ours is a common story across the area. But here is where it gets interesting…

One of PanKwake’s ‘special interests’ is natural disasters.

Floods…hurricanes…tornadoes…landslides…earthquakes…and my personal favorite volcanoes.

DisastersThey fascinate her. Ever since she discovered Roblox and games like Survive the Disaster, Natural Disasters, and Escape the Flood. She beat them all. In fact, she was top of the leader board of one of them for months before she tired of it. I joked her that when the apocalypse came, she was the person I wanted with me.

But even when she became so good at the games that they bored her, she remained fixated upon such things. We talk openly/plan for the zombie apocalypse…how we will survive. Or how I will sacrifice myself for her and Cookie. The central area in our basement is too be our safe room. Once finished I really do intend on stocking it with supplies.

Unless of course it is a tsunami…then we go to the top floor or run for Cwmdonkin park. We can survive pretty much anything other than a mega-tsunami like the one modelled if Cumbre Viaje erupted and half of La Palma broke off, crashing into the sea. Then it is anyone’s guess whether it is two meters…and would not even reach us. Twenty meters…we could manage that just about. Or two hundred feet high…kiss our a$$ goodbye.

But yesterday it was earthquakes. Which was exceedingly funny given that just about three days before, PanKwake had been educating herself with YouTube AGAIN. Cookie and I woke up to…

Did you know (it always begins with those famous words)…that if there is an earthquake you should not run out of the building? You stand a better chance of surviving if you remain inside and get under something like a desk or heavy furniture. If you go outside, things could hit you and kill you.

Of course, Encyclopedia Cookie Monster then got into a long (for PanKwake anyway) conversations about how that depends upon the type of building you are in. That was correct if you were in a tall, modern building. But if you were in a three or four story brick or stone one then you should go outside. Of course, PanKwake had to know…

So what about #HomeCrazzyHome? Do we stay inside or get out?

Cookie replied…

We would do better to get outside. BUT you don’t need to worry about that. The UK is relatively geologically stable. We don’t get many earthquakes. 

Ha-ha-ha! Hee-hee! The joke is on Cookie. For once…he was wrong.

Of course, it was over so quickly there was no chance to get out. It was over before we even knew what was happening. Oh, well, maybe next disaster PanKwake can show her stuff.

Oh, and even though I know that PanKwake HATES books. I bought her one the other day. The Ladybird book of…Zombie Apocalpse. Think she will let me read her that one?

Nope…only if I animate it. Then it would become her new favorite video.

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