100 Days of #RadiCoolUnschooling – Day 35

We have tadpoles!

With the snow a couple of weeks ago, we were a bit worried that nothing would come of ALL that spawn in our new/old pond. But evidently, some have survived.

And PanKwake informed me this morning before going to bed that SHE had fed them.

As she matures, PanKwake is taking more responsibility for all her animals. After all, one of her chosen career paths is Animal Rescuer.

Life sciences…gardening, bugs, and animals…has always been a major part of her self-directed education. From her very first pets…goldfish that she named Nah and Goo when she was two.

Now at #HomeCrazzyHome we have the opportunity to foster that…and we do.

Nature and animals have always been a part of PanKwake’s life. Think it might be time to add to the menagerie?

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