Big Changes to Our Blog…

Conversations from our HomeCrazzyHome

As PanKwake, Alan, and I engaged in another of our seemingly daily ‘debates’ (this one on the value of history in light of the burning of Notre Dame), I was struck by two things:

  • How important it was for me and for PanKwake to capture these truly mind-blowing moments
  • How much others, especially parents of the neurodivergent or those exploring self-directed learning, might find these moments enlightening.

At HomeCrazzyHome, we have often joked that our lives are funnier than a reality-television show. Our friends certainly agree. In fact, we have debated recording it for YouTube, but find the idea too intrusive.

So, I decided instead to chronicle those moments here. In blog format. I will refrain (yes, it will be hard) from adding commentary. Instead, I want to reflect as honestly as human memory can those learning moments where we all challenge one another, where there are no lines between parent-child or adult-youth.

If you don’t know or have forgotten who we are, please check out the About Us page.

One final point…everything on this blog is a joint venture. PanKwake and Alan are both active in the process and approve the posts before they appear. Same for photos and the like.

What I hope in making these changes to the blog is that others will use our conversations to engage their family in discussion…and that some might find the courage to let go of two-centuries (or more) of educational ‘traditions.’ To find the freedom to learn through living…

So, welcome (back)t and we hope you are inspired by these REAL life stories from HomeCrazzyHome to yours…

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