The Value of History?

April 15, 2019

(On the burning of Notre Dame)

Tara and PanKwake in front of Notre Dame – August 2006

Tara asks PanKwake if she knows what Notre Dame is. PanKwake at first says no, but then says she remembers the name but not what it is. Tara explains what it is and tells PanKwake that she had visited there as a small baby. She then explains that it is burning, over eight centuries of history up in smoke.

PanKwake holds her chest: I am hurting. All that lost knowledge.

Tara: All the books inside have been scanned and digitized so while we lose the paper copies at least the knowledge won’t be lost.

PanKwake: Oh, that’s alright then. It is the knowledge that matters.

Thinking for a moment, PanKwake asks:

Which is more important history or the future?

Tara: There is a saying…those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.

PanKwake: I think it is more accurate that those who know history are more likely to repeat it.

Tara: Wow, that is an amazing idea! You may have one of the most brilliant minds of the 21st century.

PanKwake: Let’s be honest. That ain’t saying much.

What ensued was one of our half an hour-long round house debates about the merits of history. PanKwake stood by her original statement, giving as evidence sexism, racism, and war. Alan countered with the argument that sometimes if we forget then we won’t understand why our ancestors did stupid and cruel things. His example was how Germans visit the Holocaust Museum in order to remember so it won’t happen again.

I think in the end it was a draw with all of us coming away challenged and hopefully a bit wiser.

As an aside…at one-point PanKwake said…

Most people think in black and white. But I think in color.

Goddess, I love our HomeCrazzyHome!

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