Project Managing Your Wedding

Yes, I know; I promised you that this week I would show you how I made my bride’s maids’ bouquets. Except – first my bride’s maids changed the design of the handle, then I was sick, if that was not enough, when I started to count I discovered that I was one rose short of having enough for the second bouquet.

Then the photos I had taken were not good enough. I could not find the video of how I crocheted the roses, then I realized that after scouring YouTube, I had done as I usually do and taken a bit from this one and some from that to come up with a pattern that to my knowledge is all my own. Which means I need to do my own video of that last flower and post it. Hopefully by next week?

But all of this brings up a good point…


Yes, you have heard of them. There is a television show about them. And yes, despite everything, all my planning, I find myself turning into one.

So, how do you handle it? How do you plan and organize your wedding, or any event, without going insane or driving those around you to the breaking point?

I showed you that 90 Day Planner in an earlier blog. One of the keys to any event, or perhaps to life itself, is to have a good plan, but be flexible.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make putting their plans or goals in a drawer somewhere. Companies often do the same thing; spend big bucks to write corporate mission statements, five and ten-year plans, then stick them in files and go on with business as usual.

To be truly effective that sh^t needs to be somewhere that you can see it. I know this. But I had stuck it in a wedding notebook and even in my planner. Big mistake. Nope, the first thing I did today was re-worked my goals and timeline. Then I printed that sucker out and posted it to the bulletin board right next to my desk. Now I have to look at that thing every single day.

One thing that I did do right though was to front-load the work. In other words, plan to do too much at the beginning. The ideal is that you manage to do that, then you can sit back and enjoy it. But if like me, things go tits up, then you have time to recover.

Since I got ill last week, I have been falling behind and re-evaluating what is feasible, given everything else in our lives. The new 90 Day Planner Update 2-19-2020 reflects those changes.

By the end of February, I should have all our bouquets made (three in total) as well as something to go in the hair of my bride’s maids. Right now I am leaning towards new, quicker, simpler fabric flowers that I learned to make last week at my Old Lady Quilting Club.

I learned three designs, all of which can be made in less than half an hour, some in as little as fifteen minutes. If I was not almost finished with the crocheted flowers, I would ditch them and do bouquets of these instead. But since I have not started on the headbands, I can instead make hairclips with one large flower and fingers crossed be done with the whole thing.

We did manage to buy my wedding band and I found these truly funky sneakers/trainers that will help to break up my very traditional dress and veil. I am interviewing for someone to help out with the food this week too. And most important, we got the invites out. Turns out more people like us than we thought. Almost everyone has RSVPed yes. Which is why having kitchen help is even more important.

Of course, the bad news with this new plan is that all the stuff that did not get done this month such as:

  • Practice wedding dress
  • Photo wall quilt

Got pushed into March, making it incredibly heavy. To make things worse, there is not as much wiggle room in that schedule either. I really do have to get those things done next month or have to scale things back.

The big worry as with most brides is the dress. It is important to me that I have a 1950’s style one. And almost as important that I make it myself. So, I really had better getting cracking on this one.

Of course, having contingency plans is important too. For this crucial one, mine are:

  1. Getting my friend to help me, especially with the zipper which I have never been that good with.
  2. Breaking down and buying one, preferably at a chair shop.

I actually have a couple of dresses that I could wear if a natural disaster happens. Alan jokes me that I could always wear my WonderWoman costume. And I could.

REAL Wonder Woman

Yes, I am constantly re-evaluating my plans, planning ahead, and being flexible. And still, I feel like Bridezilla.

Okay, off here now to work on those bouquets. And make a video for next week. Or two?


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