Making THE Decision – Day 5 UK #Prepper Mom Special Edition

As our government (at least the ones in the UK where we live and in my home country of the US) waffle, delay, and babble on like this scene from the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas…

Someone somewhere’s gonna have to close them down!

Seems to be the catchphrase for everything and everyone.

Meanwhile, there were hundreds of people tweeting yesterday that they choose/decided not to send their children to school.

We @HomeCrazzyHome have been pondering the question of #selfisolating and #socialdistancing for well over a week.

I was #prepped for this when those #panicbuyers were looking at me funny and mumbling under their breaths about me being ridiculous. For the first time in my life, I have achieved my goal of a three-month supply of non-perishables. And I have already planted out potatoes, onions, and lettuce which should begin to produce by the end of that time.

Alan and I rushed our wedding forward by two months. And when our solicitor was on holiday, we wrote our own wills. We had friends witness them yesterday. And I mailed a copy of those wills and our marriage license to my son.

But when you go out there, when you talk to people they still minimize this and see these measures as reactionary rather than #preparedness.

So, I am certain that many will be disapproving of our decision to go into full self-isolation tomorrow.

And let me do the math for you…

40-60% (high estimates of 80%) of people will get the #coronavirus

of that 85% will have little more than a bad cold, some may have no symptoms at all.

Doing the math that means…

34-51% of people will have the virus with little to no problem whatsoever!

6-9% of people will get a more serious form, some or many of which will require hospitalization usually to provide oxygen but some (no numbers are given) will be the extreme end and be placed upon respirators.

Of those with Chronic Pulmonary Disease, in Alan’s case that is asthma, who get it 6.3% will die…somewhere between 2.5-5% of the population who have asthma could die from this outbreak. That is a significant number.

For the over 80s group, those numbers work out to be 6-9% of that age group.

Maybe you are a eugenicist or Darwinian, but what if that is your Nan? Or your professor? Doctor?

Let me be clear…if you are in Vegas or the bookies, and have a 95% to 97.5% chance of being just fine – TAKE the bet.

BUT this is not your corner betting shop, this is your life. This is the life of the man I love and have waited a lifetime to find. A two-and-half to five percent chance he may die is way too high. This is more like playing Russian roulette.

Are we being reactionary? 

Do you think I care what other people think?

So, yesterday Alan and I had a serious talk. He has been watching the trends and news for over a month now, tracking this thing, and he understands those statistics even better than I do. We have been #prepping for this moment for two weeks.

BUT without clear guidance from our leaders, making this call is incredibly hard to do.

And defining what is self-isolation also had to be discussed. What? For how long? How? All those questions have to be asked and answered. By you, the individual.

So, here is what we agreed:

We begin this evening around 5 p.m. We might have done sooner, but the builder is finishing up the top floor bathroom which will be exclusively for his use. This is important because the family bathroom will be for me to sanitize anytime I walk to the mailbox or have contact with a delivery person.

Yes, a full shower and a change of clothes. People are mistakingly more concerned about face masks but the greatest danger is from the virus living on surfaces for up to 24 hours. I went out briefly yesterday (a depressing thing) and wore my bright red 50s dress gloves. I got many more stares than those walking around in masks, which are almost useless.

After 5 p.m. NO ONE enters our @HomeCrazzyHome. This was a harder decision than you think as we have not only builders (who will begin work on the garage instead) but @PanKwake has two wonderful companions. Knowing that this means these young women will be without some of their income was a hard choice, and we are doing what we can to help.

More importantly, recognizing how incredibly challenging the coming weeks and months (up to four is the number some experts are saying) will be for @PanKwake who despite being #ActuallyAutistic is still extroverted and NEEDS peopling.

Both Alan and I are preparing to devote much more time to her. That is easier for him than me as they share a passion for gaming. My daughter has outgrown many of the things we used to share like cooking and gardening, even our crafting interests are different. It looks like I might be forced to play something called ‘Just Dance’ on the Switch. There may even be videos of it appearing on YouTube. But whatever sacrifice necessary at this point.

Real Me
Me getting ready to paint the vestibule.

We have a vestibule (fancy Latin word for an entryway). That will become the staging area for most deliveries. Groceries that come in the house or any supplies which need to go out to friends or family will be left there. Amazon and groceries other than cold things will remain in quarantine there for 24 hours.

I will use the no contact option with Just Eats, Deliveroo, and Dominos, which we will keep to a minimum anyway. But have to allow somewhat for @PanKwake’s sanity. I will use gloves to handle the boxes and immediately follow that decontamination full shower process.

We do have large gardens out front and back and plan to get out in those as much as possible. Especially given this evidence. This is also important since I need to rotate planting for those fresh vegetables. So, fresh air and sunshine (if such a thing exists in Wales) are still on our agenda. But with extreme #socialdistancing.

So, what should you do?

In the absence of clear governmental guidelines, you alone can make that decision for you and your family.

But I hope that you will think about those statistics. And especially consider the people you come into contact with on a regular basis. How many and who is over 70? Diabetes? Chronic pulmonary disease even relatively mild forms such as asthma? Heart disease? Immunosuppressed or on drugs for conditions that suppress their immune systems?

Even if your children and young adults are relatively low risk, who do they come into contact with that is not? Is a playdate with their friend worth the life of someone you know and care about?

Unfortunately, by the time that our governments give clear and concise guidelines, it may be too late. Heck, we worry that we have waited too late to self-isolate.

The best thing, perhaps the only thing, that any of us can do right now is to stay informed. Dr. John Campbell‘s YouTube videos have become an informative and unbiased source of my information. I especially appreciate that he cites his sources, so I can confirm things for myself.

Then, based on the best information we have available at the time, you have to make the best decision for you and your family, taking into consideration the lives of others, especially those you have close contact with.

And remembering what I said yesterday about maintaining a positive outlook and your #mentalhealth, keep a watch out for those new PranKwake videos of me dancing…or whatever else her brilliant brain can come up with to torture me.


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