Just the Facts, Ma’am – Day 6 UK #Prepper Mom Special Edition

The decision to start this daily blog was not something I took lightly. Nor was it something I do to make money (I don’t earn a darn thing from this) or to become famous. It is something I decided to do because I feel that I have unique skillsets for this crisis. Not only am I a lifelong #prepper and a #homeeducation #parent with an interest in the #environment and #sustainability, but I also have a degree in health education.

Now, to be honest, that does not mean much. I only worked briefly in that field and my degree was more expensive than it was worth, about the value of all that #toiletpaper everyone was #panicbuying. The truth is that my degree is just enough to make me dangerous. Just ask any of @PanKwake’s doctors who were hit with research articles. The value of my education is that I know how to read those big words, how to evaluate the sources, and when and how to share them with ‘real’ people.

The need for that bridge between the medical world and those ‘real’ people was brought home to me yesterday by the fact that a friend of mine has been forced to #selfisolate away from her husband and his elderly parents. For the next two weeks at least, she is living alone in her bedroom, wiping down the shared bathroom with bleach every time she goes, and waiting.

How did she end up in this extreme situation?

She is a part-time waitress. The other day this young man came in. She served him and as a good waitress does she made casual conversation. He started to complain that he was on the way to be tested for the #Coronavirus because other people at his work had tested positive and he was exposed to them. To this young man, who is at low-risk this was an inconvenience, perhaps even a threat to his lifestyle. But for my friend’s older in-laws, this is a threat to their very lives.

I know this personally because as I wrote about yesterday we have made the crucial decision to not simply #socialdistance as we have been but to #selfisolate. We took this decision seriously because my partner has asthma and is #HighRiskCovid19.

That is the problem: some people are panicking while others are ignoring very real risks, if not to themselves then to others.

This problem is compounded because our governments are not giving us clear information and directions. They are waffling, saying one thing and then another.

That means it is up to the individual to do the right thing for herself and her family.

But to do that you need the facts.

Just the facts, Ma’am.

So, I want to share with you some of my sources:

Dr. John Campbell – This guy is brilliant. A bit dry as only a Brit doctor of a certain age and class can be, but his sources are the latest from not only the government but top medical journals, he is in contact with front line medical professionals around the globe and shares that anecdotal information as well, and he cites the sources he can and makes the distinction clear on what is and is not completely reliable. I highly recommend you subscribe to his channel as he gives daily updates.

How to Tell If You Have the Flu, Coronavirus or Something Else – This article is excellent at riding the chasm between medicalize and the vital information that you need. Its language and formatting are bullet points and simple wording including a nice chart. But sources are linked to.

Social Distancing: This Is Not a Snow Day – Explains why, how, and the importance of social distancing. It is written by a medical doctor who also has a master’s in public health. You can even download the PDF file for printing or sharing with friends and family.

Coronavirus and the Sun: a Lesson from the 1918 Influenza Pandemic – This article addresses the value of fresh air and sunshine in this battle against the unseen microbe. It may seem at odds with the recommendation to #selfisolate but this article explains why the two are not mutually exclusive and the value of the great out of doors in maintaining our physical as well as #mentalhealth. This is superbly cited by a medical doctor and researcher.

Okay, not that I have given you some of my favorite sources, what do I want you to know if you don’t follow any of those links?

1. This is a VIRUS.

Viruses are smaller than bacteria, much, much, much smaller. Most Bacteria can be seen with a microscope. A virus can only be seen with an electron microscope.

That means:

Those masks are virtually useless. Unless they are medical-grade, which are in short supply, so if you have one, donate it to your local hospital.

2. You are infectious up to two weeks or more before you show any symptoms.

This is one of the things that makes this virus so difficult to contain. Short of the completely draconian measures of quarantining the whole country. Every single person, including yourself, could be infected and feel just fine.

3. It can live on surfaces.

That means:

While most people are worried about air transmission, the much greater threat is from touching a contaminated surface. ATMs/cash machines are a huge concern. Say you have person A, who is infected and #2 does not know it, touches his mouth or maybe coughs, but being a good person he covered his mouth.

He then goes to the cash machine. He enters his card and punches his pin number into the keyboard. He gets out cash, which he touches and contaminates. He then spreads the virus with every bill he passes. Meanwhile that ATM does the same to dozens or hundreds of others, who do the same.

Instead of those masks, you are better to wear gloves. Any gloves will do. Winter gloves, garden gloves, I wore my fancy 1950s dress gloves when I went out the other day. No need for medical or rubber ones because viruses cannot move on their own, so they are stuck on the outside of those gloves…unless you touch your eyes, nose or mouth with the gloves. So, take the gloves off, put them in the laundry and…

Wash Your Hands!

How often?

Every time you touch something outside or new to you. Yes, that includes your mail. #Selfisolating won’t do you much good if your delivery driver brings it right to your door.

This morning when I brought the milk in (we have home delivery even before this – sustainable glass bottles), I got the milk and juice, washed the outside of bottles down with bleach solution, put them in the fridge, being careful to use the bleached towel to touch its surface. Then I took that towel to the bathroom, cleaned the bathroom with bleach, put up fresh handtowels, took all the bleached towel to the laundry, went back and washed my hands, then dried them on the fresh towel. Extreme? Maybe. But have you heard the saying…

Better safe than sorry.

That needs to be our motto for now.

The one thing I want you to take away from this blog is not FEAR. We have enough of that already.


My goal with this whole special edition is to provide ACCURATE first-hand information on all these topics. So, that you can make the right choices for you and your family in your unique situation. Knowledge is power. And I think in a world gone mad, we all could use a bit of empowerment right now.

Remember – the sun’ll come out tomorrow,

From our @HomeCrazzyHome to yours.

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