Sunshine – Day 26 UK Prepper Mom Special Edition

Just a quick update:

While Alan continues to have a dry cough, no sign of fever. And the cough is mostly at night. So, fingers crossed it is something else.

I am late with this blog and it is going to be incredibly short because I have spent the whole sunny day in the garden. Two news beds are built, though not yet filled with soil, and four massive containers are companion planted with tomatoes and other veg.

I have also been blessed to see and/or hear from three of our friends today. By see, I mean through a glass door. But oh well, such is the universe.

I am purposefully not writing more because it might turn into a rant on how little people are being. Letting politics matter more than their humanity during this crisis.

So, I’ll shut up. Leave you with a couple of pics and go to bed.

Bottom line for me is…

I don’t like the world we live in very much but I love our @HomeCrazzyHome and our friends.

In local and online.

Goddess bless and keep you all,
From our @HomeCrazzyHome to yours



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