Organization – Day 37 UK Prepper Mom Special Edition

The sun is peeking from behind the clouds a bit today. It is still too chilly and drab to get out into the garden. And thanks to Mother Nature’s watering, I don’t need to today. But hopeful that I can get back out there tomorrow.

I still have one more raised bed to organize. The old one from last year needs the winter plants that have gone to seed pulled out and a bit more compost worked through it before it is replanted. But I got the root vegetable one planted out on Thursday night, just before the lovely rain started. After that, it will only be containers to be filled with lovely warm weather plants such as tomatoes, peppers, and more squash.

But yesterday was challenging in terms of my mental health. While I needed a break physically, one of the most effective strategies for maintaining my mental health has always been –

Staying Busy.

Turning our @HomeCrazzyHome into an urban farm has been a project that has occupied my mind and body for hours every day.

But without that yesterday, I was a bit lost and at loose ends. I cut out a few mask to sew but could not bring myself to sew them. And obviously, very little got written. What did I do with myself? I escaped it all by reading mindless trashy romances. As a writer in that genre, I know there is nothing wrong with that – in limited doses. 

But today I am going to apply another of my strategies for positive mental health. I am getting off here to –

Clean and Organize.

I am starting with my writing study since that is the room where I spend the most time, outside of my garden, of course. I have written extensively about my study. In her 1928 essay collection, feminist and author Virginia Woolf said:

“…a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction; and that, as you will see, leaves the great problem of the true nature of women and the true nature of fiction unsolved.”

That has not always been easy for me. The builder had no sooner finished redecorating my lovely study than @PanKwake decided that it was the ideal location for her guinea pigs. Anyone who has ever owned them knows why having four cute fur balls in residence does not a good writer’s retreat make.

IMG_3943But Alan’s allergies to our guinea babies meant that we needed to rehome them at the beginning of the year. So, once again I have a study. Well, mostly. The new distraction is her lovely Gorilla Gym that hangs in the doorway. I must brush it aside each time I come or go. But mostly her sleep schedule has meant that we never needed the room at the same time, so far at least.

As soon as the builder finished this room back in January, I began to fill it with my stuff. Not only is it home to my writer’s corner, but it also houses my doll and ‘fat’ Barbie collections. It doubles as my sewing room too. Which is where I ran into trouble yesterday.

Until all this, I had been focused on a wedding – a sustainable one. So, I was making most of the things myself. And this room is overflowing with fabric and other wedding and quilting related stuff. All of it without a proper home.

That is today’s project. 

Because that is the other key, I feel more in control when my environment is.

So, here is the before picture.


I will share the after tomorrow. I hope.

Until then, may the Goddess bless you with a safe, secure space for your mind, heart, and body,
From Our @HomeCrazzyHome to yours

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