It Doesn’t Matter.

It is the morning after. Twitter is aflame with despair, fear, and discord. I have not dared to check Facebook.

As an American living in the UK I am certain that I will be asked ‘the’ question a thousand times. Thankfully, we are in lockdown again right now. So that will minimize it a bit. I can, at least, respond by referring them to this blog.

It all began when I awoke late to a message from a good friend that lives in America. She needed a distraction. This is my response:

I have not been around much because of things happening inside of me. Over the past week/few days, I have let go of all the fear that has been consuming my energy. I have to come understand that in the grand scheme of things…it does not matter. That may sound trite given I don’t live in the US anymore but bear in mind that things are pretty much the same here. Perhaps worse. Trump was not elected by the majority of the American people. But Brexit was passed – TWICE.

7:48 AM

The thing is…Winter is coming. Because it must. For anything new to be born, the old must die. That is not comfortable given our patriarchal Judo-Christian paradigm. But from a spiritual, holistic, goddess-centered one, this is an opportunity. Even IF Biden win, it will only delay the inevitable. We cannot go on as we have. It is not sustainable.

7:51 AM

So what is the way forward? To stop putting OUR power in the hands of someone ‘out there.’ Some god that you must ‘find’ and bow down to. We must begin as individuals to hold our own power. To make informed decisions. That align with our spirit.

7:54 AM

The thing is…we have NO control over anyone else’s choice. Not even the people we love the most. Honestly, even parents cannot make those choices for their offspring. Oh, they can enforce their decisions on the children. But for how long? At what cost? The same can be said for governments, too. That is not a comfortable realization, especially when your true north and your partners do not always align. Coming to see that as a positive…as each of you keeping the other from straying too far takes work.

7:58 AM

Then once we have chosen our side, and make no mistake that is what we are doing, it is about connecting with others in your tribe. That may be the new neighbor next door. Or it may be the bestie 5K miles away that I have never seen and sometimes go days or weeks, sadly occasionally months, without speaking with. We need to come together now more than ever.

And we need to support one another. In any way we can. Sometimes that is big ones. And sometimes little.

8:02 AM

But we all need to recognize that who holds political power and money do NOT matter as much as we have been led to believe. What matters is aligning your soul with your beliefs and matching your actions with those. Whether you have two cent or two billion dollars. In fact I promise you – it is easier with two cents. Because then you are forced to figure out ways to get what you want with that illusion we call money. The same is true of government. Over here it is worse than America because BIG government is the norm. It is always the council’s (that is like city or county) responsibility. People can’t be bothered to pick up a single piece of trash because that’s the council’s job. Except there is no way government can do it all.

8:07 AM

We need to get back to those tribal roots. Wherever our tribe may be.

8:09 AM

The thing is…that religion, society, and politics have controlled us for so long by telling us what ‘truth’ is. Tribes and ancient beliefs knew…everyone has their own truth. Mine is not yours…which is why I shut the fuck up about what is happening sometimes. Neither is yours mine and that is ok. The problem is that religion, government, and society has divided us. How many times have you heard, said, or thought…if you aren’t with me then you are against me? No, you are just on your path. And sometimes that intersects with mine. Sometimes my job is to support you on your path. And sometimes you support me.

8:14 AM

It is also about giving. Not taking more than we need. No using things up. Not even selling our gifts. Giving them away and trusting that will be appreciated and returned to us when we need it most. That is ubuntu.

8:19 AM

When we know who we are, connected with the divinity inside ourselves, and aligned our lives with those higher truths. When we make those connections with others, accepting, understanding, and respecting that person just as they are, not who we are or need them to be for us. When we ground ourselves in Mother Earth and think not of our needs or our children’s but of our children’s children’s children’s children’s to the 7th generation and beyond. Then who reigns in Washington or London or anywhere else does not matter. Because we will find a way with the help of our brothers and sisters, mothers, grandmothers, sons, daughters, and partners to live our truth. We can and must find that way. No matter who ‘wins’ in a dying system that is an illusion.

…After this I went outside. It is an incredibly beautiful day. Though crisp and damp from all the rain, the sun is out, weakened in this hemisphere but shining nonetheless. Isn’t that metaphoric for our times. She and Mother Earth certainly don’t seem to care which little penis rules in Washington.

I noticed other things as well…

But I also noticed a broccoli plant that I had pulled up because I thought it was dead. It had a well-developed stem on it. Even though it was not longer planted, just the loose dirt on its roots was enough to bring forth life and fruit. All of those strawberry shoots that I just planted…over 90% of them are thriving. And those blueberry bushes that I thought were dead have new shoots too. Have often during this process have I been awed by the will to live. The life force. The Kundalini.

Yes, Earth will go on. Pachamama has shown how quickly she can recover. So too will humanity. At least some. I hope that this time they will embrace their truth. Ubuntu.

I considered editing it before I posted. And I may yet reorganize and clean it all up before posting as an article on @Medium. But for you, I wanted to leave the raw power of those words.

So, no matter what happens, what the final results are, who ‘wins’…please remember:

It just doesn’t matter that much.

You still have ultimate control of your life, your destiny, and your future.

And when enough of us band together in tribes/communities, then collectively we control the future of this planet.

No matter who is in Washington, or 10 Downing Street, or the Kremlin, or anywhere else.

Goddess bless you all with ubuntu,

3 responses to “It Doesn’t Matter.”

  1. Thanks Tara. Totally agree. As a Christian, this is my truth which I try to live by: Jesus said: ““In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets” (Matthew 7:12). This is never dependent on those in power. It is my personal responsibility.

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