Purgatory: Day 5/8

Yesterday, I got very little done. That strategy of distraction does not work so well when you have a sore throat and mild cough. My mind, at least, jumps to the worst case scenario.

Unfortunately, what the news and government are NOT telling you is that the criteria for testing remains exceedingly narrow.

Before requesting a test you must have at least one of the following symptoms:

  • a new continuous cough
  • a high temperature
  • loss of or change to sense of smell or taste

Source: gov.wales

What they are NOT telling you is that those apply even to individuals who are classified as high-risk or asked to shield, even when you have been exposed and told you must self-isolate. They are also not telling you that all those promising ‘treatments’ that you hear about in the news are NOT being offered until you are so ill that it is practically too late. There is no early intervention, folks.

Okay, so we have been misled (that sounds nicer than lied to) in order to get money back into the economy. Yes, we have been let down by the doctors. And yes, the world out there does not care enough to protect other people.

But one thing about me, I refuse to be anyone’s victim. I have spent my whole life fighting. Yes, I get knocked down sometimes. But I get my fat a$$ up before that ten count every single time. The fancy term for that is ‘internal locus of control.’

And this time was no different. So, rather than sitting around wondering if this was a common cold or Covid, would we get tested eventually, would we get whatever treatment is available in time (they are not disclosing which ones of those they are using either), I did as I always do.

I took matters into my own hands.

As much as I can in this situation.

Instead of finishing up organizing and decluttering Creatrium, I made chicken soup. I gargled with salt water. I drank echinacea tea. I order other herbs online and good old-fashioned Vick’s Vapor Rub, too. And I researched the things I can do for lung health.

Is that is powerful a tool as those drugs we were led to believe was available?

Probably not. But each of those things have been in use for hundreds or thousands of years before all those ‘miracles of modern science.’ What’s more some of those ‘miracles’ are taken directly from such ‘home remedies.’ Things such as aspirin and Prozac are ‘purified’ forms of herbal remedies. Many such have some scientific evidence to support them.

But just as important is the placebo effect. Especially for someone with that internal locus of control. I cannot just sit around waiting to see if my soul mate or I kick the bucket. Whether any of those things, or their combined effects, make a difference, at least I know that I did what I could.

Which frankly is more than I can say for government or the doctors.

Yeah, I get it. Tough decisions have to be made. You can’t save everyone. You have to balance the economy versus lives. There are people with other illnesses. I hear it all.

But the bottom line for me is that people deserve to know the truth. Before this happens to them.

They need to know that those treatments that Boris Johnson, Trump, and Prince Charles received are NOT available to the rest of us. That we are expendable. That their buddies’ business is more important than the lives of a few thousand (or in some cases a quarter of a million) vulnerable people.

And sadly, too many otherwise good people are making selfish choices to have a cup of coffee, go out to a restaurant, or pub. They are carelessly putting everyone they come into contact with at risk.

Please, I beg you…

Don’t be one of them!

Almost everyone knows at least one vulnerable person. Think about them. Is that cup of Starbucks or Costa worth their live? Is that nice meal out? Or worst of all, are those beers and glasses of wine that lower your inhibitions and impair your decision-making skills really worth putting someone you know, or even a stranger, through this mental hell?

This purgatory…

Please think…

Don’t go anywhere you don’t need to…

And if you absolutely MUST go out, then…

  • Wear masks at ALL times when you are not in your home or car…
  • Don’t touch your face…
  • Wash your hands OFTEN for 20 seconds or more…
  • …and please, Please, pretty PLEASE respect Social Distancing. You don’t enough if that person in line in front of you or at that crosswalk is vulnerable or the carer of someone who is.

No matter how careful people like us are…our health depends on the actions of others, too.

Goddess bless, protect, and heal you and yours,

2 responses to “Purgatory: Day 5/8”

  1. Sending lots of love and prayers to you and your family.

    Your post the other day about screaming at someone at the market made me chuckle and feel less alone. I did the same thing at the grocery store the other day. Some man got right in my bubble (he was wearing his mask below his nose, no less) and I yelled at him to get back. Which is an extra special thing to do at the store in small-town Texas! I’m sure I was the talk of the town. LOL.

    Stay strong, Tara. Y’all will get through this ❤

    1. Thank you, sugar. Yell away. They should not get that close. I should send you one of my t-shirts. Bet they’d be popular back home….If you are close enough to smell my farts, then you are NOT Social Distancing.

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