Purgatory: Day 6/9

One thing I will say – this whole Covid experience reveals a lot about your friends. And about you.

One of my core values has always been tolerance. Doing your best to understand and accept those who have different viewpoints than your own. Granted, the world in which we live has become increasingly polarized. Cancel culture is rampant.

The Covid-crisis is no different. People are protesting about the loss of their liberties. Others are simply living in the moment, not counting the consequences of their actions on others. And for some, sadly, there is no choice. They must take risks with their health, the lives of their loved ones, and others just to survive.

I recognize all that. But sitting here with a sore throat that is worse today than it was yesterday. A mild cough. And knowing that is still not enough to get the test that I believed we would given Alan’s high-risk status and our exposure. Well, all of that just does not seen to balance the scales of lives versus liberty.

How do you deal with those feelings? How do you manage relationships once this is over? Knowing that some ‘friends’ believed that freedoms and liberties were more precious than the lives of others, even people they call friends. And those ‘good’ people who made stupid mistakes? What happens when you are the one paying for their mistakes? How do you move forward from here?

I don’t have those answers. Not now. Maybe in the weeks and months ahead, as we choose a safer path, I will certainly have plenty of time to consider those questions. A slower pace that gives me ample opportunity to heal.

Or that is my hope…

Goddess bless, protect, and heal you & yours,

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