Hades? Day 2?

As you can probably tell from the title of today’s blog – something is up. All those little symptoms that I was trying desperately to ignore have begun to add up to something I cannot dismiss.

The cough has become more frequent. But even more alarming is a tightness in my upper chest that is persistent. It is just always there. So much so that it prompts me every few minutes to take a deep breath.

My temperature is up and down – never that high. The thing is I might not realize what it was, if I was not familiar with my body. When I have a fever, no matter how slight, my eyes are heavy. I get brain fog.

And chills – that is almost always the first clue something is up. Yesterday was cold. So, being in denial, I dismissed it as the boiler struggling to heat our large @HomeCrazzyHome. I kept asking Alan and @PanKwake, but neither of them felt it as acutely.

The thing is I would not have known I had a temperature if I had not been regularly taking it since Sunday. Many people do not realize that ‘normal’ temperature is not merely 37o but an individualized number with modest variations throughout the day. So, when mine went from 37 to 37.5 in less than ten minutes that would not cue any alarm. Unless you knew that my normal average was around 36.3. The most accurate definition of a fever is not anything greater than 37.8 but more than 1.1o above your baseline. So, yes I did have a low grade fever.

That’s as far as I got. Can’t stay up long as I tire easily. Or catch a chill.

Our tests arrived. Will take them right before bed or first thing in the morning. We had to call to arrange for them to be picked up and that could not be until tomorrow. So, needed to wait a bit.

Fingers crossed this is something else, right?

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