About Granny T

Tara Cox AKA Granny T

Writer, blogger & elder

I’ve been told that I should write an autobiography – many times. Maybe one day, I will.

My life is a reflection of the times we live in. I have been many things: professional fundraiser, personal trainer, stripper, preacher’s wife, writer, doula, cook/chef, and, of course, homemaker and mother of six. I hold degrees in health education and management as well as certifications as doula, lifelong learning instructor, personal trainer, and several others. My interests including cooking, sewing, photography, and reading.

I currently live in beautiful, sunny Swansea, Wales with my partner – techie extraordinaire Alan Cox and the youngest of my six children offspring, @PanKwake. Our @HomeCrazzyHome holds over a hundred and sixty years of history, love, laughter, and tears. Restoring it is our privilege and obligation as stewards.

In addition to my @HomeCrazzyHome YouTube and blog, I have several active blogs that reflect other areas of my life and expertize. Please feel free to check those out as well…

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