#ActuallyAutistic Self-Isolation Basics – Day 15 UK Prepper Mom Special Edition

Make her sit there until she finished it. Don’t give her anything else to eat. If she get’s hungry enough, she’ll eat it. Whoever said those things never met @PanKwake or dealth with an #ActuallyAutistic person’s complex sensory issues and diet.

Plantasia – Summer Adventure Series

Plantasia is a local Swansea treasure and great place for a fun day for your #ActuallyAutistic family.

Folly Farm – Summer Adventure Series

Our summer adventure series for #ActuallyAutistic families and other additional needs families with Folly Farm.

Treetops & Heatherton – Summer Adventure Series

Our Summer Adventure series for autistic families and others with additional challenges continues with Treetops & Heather World of Adventure near Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales.