Happy World Book Day from #HomeCrazzyHome

If April is not bad enough with…Awe-tism Acceptance month, #100DaysOfHomeEd, and all the work here at #HomeCrazzyHome…now we have Earth Day and World Book Day…back to back!!!!

But as a blogger/writer and avid reader, there is no way I could NOT do something to celebrate books. So I thought I would share a good old-fashioned book report like I was taught to write…in those ancient days when I was in school. I am featuring my favorite author…

M K Hume

Book Worms…on a Budget

This morning, I am doing one of my favourite things: reading to the children at my daughter’s nursery. Reading is a large part of our family. I and each of my children are book worms with huge collections of books that are at times divested and then re-built. Actually, I have fewer books now thanContinue reading “Book Worms…on a Budget”