Organization – Day 37 UK Prepper Mom Special Edition

maintaining good mental health is not easy in such stressful and uncertain times. But there are things we can all do to help ourselves. Knowing what those are is important. Two of mine are staying busy and having an organized space. Today I tackle both.


It is not just menus that I plan. I am also one of those Crazzy types with a To-Do list. Actually I have notebook. A fresh one each and every month.

I fill it with my goals for that month. Then each week I break those down into weekly objectives. Followed by daily to-do lists.

Sounds wonderful, right?

But then life happens! And you know what they say about…

Three Down

Another day…a few more painkillers…

Seriously though…day by day…it is getting there.

Yesterday, I managed to extend that tiny island of order on the patio. All the way to the steps. So now it is a 5 by 5 square. Not quite a quarter of the space but close. The plan is to do a bit more every morning this week.