#Prepper Myths – Day 1 UK #Prepper Mom Special Edition

When most people hear the word #Prepper they think of people living off-grid, carrying guns, and zombies. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of us are people just like you. We just happen to plan and prepare ahead. What is wrong with that?

Another Kind of #Prepping

A well stocked larder is not all you need to consider with this #coronavirus outbreak. If the shit hit the fan #SHTF, where do you stand legally? Marriage? Wills? And what about #finances? True #prepping means considering those things as well.

#Panicbuying vs. #Prepping

Everyone was looking at me funny this weekend when I went shopping, but I did not care. I had a family and a plan. I am a #prepper. No, that trolley that overflowed was not #panicbuying. Is there any difference? Do we even need to do something so Crazzy?