Happy ?!? – Day 31 UK Prepper Mom Special Edition

2020 has seen one disaster after another. At times, it feels as if I am living one of those really bad Saturday afternoon movies on the SyFy channel, the ones we all hate so much we love. But there are lessons to be learned from all of this. Will we? That too is our decision. We may not control what happens to us, but we always control how we react to it.

Was #PanicBuying a myth? – Day 16 UK Prepper Mom Special Edition

The headlines were dour. Everyone was blaming the few people who had prepared for this crisis well in advance. But a news article this week shines some surprising light on the true culprit. There was little ‘hoarding.’ It was just everyone suddenly buying a week’s worth of their normal shop instead of daily.

#ActuallyAutistic Self-Isolation Basics – Day 15 UK Prepper Mom Special Edition

Make her sit there until she finished it. Don’t give her anything else to eat. If she get’s hungry enough, she’ll eat it. Whoever said those things never met @PanKwake or dealth with an #ActuallyAutistic person’s complex sensory issues and diet.