NaNoWriMo 19.5 – History of RadiCool Unschooling

Today we bring the ‘history’ of #RadiCoolUnschooling into the 21st century with @SugataMitra and #MinimallyInvasiveEducation.

NaNoWriMo 17 – History of RadiCool Unschooling

If Jean Jacques Rousseau challenged the WHY’s of #education for me then it is another Jean…Piaget…that made me think about the HOWs.

NaNoWriMo 15.5 – History of RadiCool Unschooling

This thing called #RadiCoolUnschooling your #Neurodivergent little human may seem like some New Age touchy feely philosophy. In fact, it can trace its roots over three and a half centuries to the still groundbreaking works of Jean Jacques #Rousseau.

What Is Education? Pt. 1

A recent radio show got me to thinking about home education. Actually, about the very nature of education itself. And why education services should NOT be allowed to regulate home ed. Follow my line of thought over the next couple of days and think for yourself.