My NEW Kitchen

It is official now! After almost two months of practically camping out in #HomeCrazzyHome with electricians, dust, noise and cooking only on this two burner hot plate…a microwave…a toaster…and a deep fryer…

She served us so well even she earned a name…Hettie. We retired her to the top shelf in the utility room. With honor!
Things are starting to actually happen!!!

And this is the BIGGEST news of them all…

Beverly Hillbillies?

I have been so busy working on #HomeCrazzyHome that I have been falling behind with the blogs.

20170408_193111Plus I have been hoping…wishing…waiting…and working towards a very BIG and IMPORTANT reveal.

But sometimes it seems like it is two steps forward and three steps back. That no matter how much I do…there is more to be done.

Three Down

Another day…a few more painkillers…

Seriously though…day by day…it is getting there.

Yesterday, I managed to extend that tiny island of order on the patio. All the way to the steps. So now it is a 5 by 5 square. Not quite a quarter of the space but close. The plan is to do a bit more every morning this week.