Parenting #ActuallyAutistic persons during crisis

Parenting is never easy. The pressure that society puts on parents and children is stressful. but when your child is #ActuallyAutistic that stress can be overwhelming, for your child and you. Especially in times of crisis. But it does not have to be. There is another way.

#Parenting in a Crisis – Day 7 UK #Prepper Mom Special Edition

Yesterday, after weeks of waffling, England, Scotland, and Wales announced schools are closing due to #Coronavirus. Indefinitely. That might be a daunting prospect for some parents, but it may the greatest opportunity our families and children ever have. So, what has almost a decade as a #homeed mom taught me? What advice would I give others?

100 Days of #RadiCoolUnschooling – Day 34

#RadiCoolUnschooling when even a decent night’s sleep becomes a life lesson and skill in good #DecisionMaking at #HomeCrazzyHome.

School Cannot Even Meet the EDUCATIONAL Needs of Our #Neurodivergent #LittleHumans Pt. 3

Today, we finish by examining how schools are focusing upon the wrong things with our wonderful #Neurodivergent little humans…while ignoring the things they REALLY need to learn to be a success in life.