My NEW Kitchen

It is official now! After almost two months of practically camping out in #HomeCrazzyHome with electricians, dust, noise and cooking only on this two burner hot plate…a microwave…a toaster…and a deep fryer…

She served us so well even she earned a name…Hettie. We retired her to the top shelf in the utility room. With honor!
Things are starting to actually happen!!!

And this is the BIGGEST news of them all…

Recipes, patterns and life…

Last week, I attempted something that I rarely do. I used a recipe. Two of them actually. I even used measuring cups, spoons and a scale. And I barely cheated at all. You see it was the first anniversary of the death of Cookie Monster’s wife. I volunteered to do a dinner party in her honor forContinue reading “Recipes, patterns and life…”

Buttons…Lessons for Life

My eighteen year old son is less than pleased with me right now. He is in quarantine today, because he announced this morning that he thought he had swine flu. More than likely the kind that young people get from partying with friends. But to make matters worse…he is having to sew his own buttonContinue reading “Buttons…Lessons for Life”