Was #PanicBuying a myth? – Day 16 UK Prepper Mom Special Edition

The headlines were dour. Everyone was blaming the few people who had prepared for this crisis well in advance. But a news article this week shines some surprising light on the true culprit. There was little ‘hoarding.’ It was just everyone suddenly buying a week’s worth of their normal shop instead of daily.

Imagine Where You Can’t Go Now…

I love this commercial. From the moment that my beloved 10 year old autistic daughter PanKwake showed me it. Of course, at first I thought it was just a joke. No way was it a REAL product. Well, the joke was on me. IT IS!

And I guiltily admit…I bought it. Yes, that’s right. I paid five quid (£5) on Amazon for a bottle of Poo Pourri.

Saturday Shopping

Each Saturday morning before eight my husband, mother-in-law, three year-old daughter, and I cram into his work van and make our weekly pilgrimage to the grocery store. Keeping with the family tradition set before I arrived, we shop at the UK largest retailer. We walk the aisles that are so familiar to us; selecting whatContinue reading “Saturday Shopping”