Hoarder? – Day 34 UK Prepper Mom Special Edition

We underwent counselling for @PanKwake’s hoarding. I own the title prepper as you can see from this special edition. But in a time when I have not been able to get a grocery delivery for six weeks, when the shelves are still bare despite assurances that things would right themselves in a couple of weeks, and facing at least 12-weeks and possibly a year or more of self-isolation -those of you who condemn me for hoarding/prepping can *F*off.

Farmer Tara – Day 29 UK Prepper Mom Special Edition

When we bought our @HomeCrazzyHome, we never imagined that one day it would become an urban homestead and farm. But in these challenging times, food security for your family and those you care about means hard work, dedication, planning, and preparation.

Was #PanicBuying a myth? – Day 16 UK Prepper Mom Special Edition

The headlines were dour. Everyone was blaming the few people who had prepared for this crisis well in advance. But a news article this week shines some surprising light on the true culprit. There was little ‘hoarding.’ It was just everyone suddenly buying a week’s worth of their normal shop instead of daily.