Diet Challenges

First full day of diet…accomplished…CHECK.

I even managed to make a half decent goulash with PRETEND meat…i.e. Quorn. And eat it too!

As for more exercise…well, mowing and raking the backyard counts!

But do you know the hardest part of all?

Scraping the children’s leftovers into the food recycling bin. No, seriously. Do you know how hard it was to NOT devour a piece of cold, half-eaten cardboard pizza with fake cheese? It was an act of sheer will power. As Crazzy as that sounds.

But this is why we should NEVER guilt our children into eating everything on their plates. I am still a victim of that mentality…poor starving children in Africa. They would eat that cold pretend pizza so of course I MUST. Right?

No…not anymore. Of course knowing that it is being recycled somehow is better than just putting it into the garbage. It helped….a little anyway.

Today’s challenge…eat healthy while I am out with PanKwake. Think I am up to the challenge?

A thinner me…heading back that way.

2 responses to “Diet Challenges”

  1. Good luck Tara. That hair colour really suits you.

    1. Thanks!

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