18 Life Lessons for 2018 #12

I was reminded of this one the other day.


I saw sat in the jacuzzi at the local leisure center. PanKwake and several of her #HomeEd friends were with me. Wonderful, intelligent, and beautiful young women. Not a shaved pit or leg among them. In walks this young couple…she wore make-up to the pool?!?!? They started looking at my girls, whispering, and laughing. I was SOOOOOOOO tempted to go over and say…Sweetie, if you spent half as much time on your mind and spirit as you do your hair and make-up this world would be a better place.

But that is the sad truth these days…

  • Too many selfies…and not enough self-awareness…
  • Too much reality TV…and not enough REAL…
  • Too much fluff…and not enough substance.

We all have those choices in life…but if all we worry about is how we look and what other people think about us…then we are gonna miss a whole lot of opportunities along the way to make a better life.

I always ask…

What does it *F*ing matter anyway?

There is just so much in this world competing for our time and energy that don’t matter a hill of beans in the end.

That is why…I don’t bother with make-up…I wear what is comfortable not fashionable…and…

If 2017 was not a good year…I hope that you will use 2018 to give this one a go. It makes a world of difference. If enough of us worked on this one then no matter the politics or religion or anything else…the world would be a better place…because we would stop being stupid…and start doing what we were meant to do.

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